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We are taking a look at some necessary parts of day-to-day business operations that nobody really likes to tackle and offer our suggestion for these areas. Use the services of a consultant, who are there for you whether you need to market vacuum cleaners or find advice you need on which business to use for network marketing lead generation. Using consultants means that you can put the jobs you are unfamiliar with into the hands of professionals, people who truly understand what they are doing. It means a lot of time saved so you can focus on the business of your business.

Using consulting services can also mean saving a lot of money, as far as your bottom line goes, as well. The issue of commercial mortgages is a good case in point. Let's take a look at some of the considerations when it comes to seeking a commercial mortgage in Toronto or elsewhere:

Underwriting standards: When a business seeks to gain a commercial mortgage, the property itself underwrites the loan. It does not matter what kind of assets or credits the business itself has at its disposal.

Type of mortgage: While the typical mortgage given to a company looking to acquire office property is in the form of a balloon mortgage, there are some exceptions. Businesses must therefore understand not only the concept of the balloon mortgage, but what alternatives there are to this plan and how that will impact the outgoing cash flow as well.

Interest rates and amortization: Do interest rates apply differently to commercial mortgages than they do residential? And what kind of impact does commercial property ownership have on a business' assets claims?

Debt service coverage ratio: This is one factor which many lenders will use to determine the appropriate mortgage amount for a business. It's a complex formula that is directly dependent on the incoming cash flow of a business each month. Loan to value formulas are also used to determine the amount of money a business; commercial mortgage will be. It may seem that you would need to have the skills of banker to understand it all, but if you wish to know the process, ask your mortgage consultant.

If it sounds a bit complicated, that is our point. Unless you specialize in real estate, and commercial real estate in particular, obtaining a commercial mortgage that is of value to your company can be a very tricky business. The use of consulting services means that you can find the right mortgage at the right place, saving a lot of time and money in the process.

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