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The first step in getting the job you want is to apply for it. Sending in a resume and cover letter for the job they have available is very important. A lot of people don't apply for jobs they want because they think they'll never get them. They feel that they're not qualified enough or they don't have enough experience to be taken seriously for the job. However, unless you apply you never know what could happen. So, make sure you fill out that application for the job you want. Then wish for the best. If you do apply and get called in for an interview, it's on to the next phase. Dressing the part.

To get the job you want and eventually keep it, you're going to have to dress and act the part. Your image is very important so you have to dress appropriately for the job interview. If you do get the job, the office might have a dress code in place so you will have to follow the policies they have set forth. If not, doesn't matter if you ace the job interview or do great work at your job, it might not matter in the end. Some companies are more strict in terms of their dress code. It all depends on the office atmosphere or if they have an image to protect. For instance, medical office staff will most likely be wearing scrubs when taking care of their patients and a casual outfit underneath.

Places like a fast food chain or grocery store like Kroger will make its employees wear a uniform. So you don't really have much say in what you wear. Or even the type of facial hair you decide to sport. You can't work around food and have a really long beard. You will need to trim it down to a respectable length. Customers shopping in the produce aisle picking out grapes or cherries don't want to find a long strand of hair in their fresh fruit. So, make sure you are comfortable working at a place that has those types of restrictions.

If you're applying for a job at a place that doesn't have a uniform like a local shop, make sure you dress up for the interview in something professional. It doesn't have to be over the top like a suit and tie. A nice dress shirt or blouse with khakis or skirt should be just fine. You don't want to overdo it. Employers are looking for people they can feel comfortable being around. If you do get a job in an office that doesn't have a strict dress code, don't see it as an opportunity to wear whatever you want. You can't just come in to work wearing slippers, pajama pants and your favourite t-shirt. You do need to dress respectfully.

During the job interview ask questions about what the dress code is like and how the work atmosphere is. Employers will tell you so that you will be able to fit in. Good luck with your job interview! We want you to dress the part of a real estate agent or retail store manager so that you can stop acting the part and play the part!

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