Team Building Exercises

When the New York Yankees weren't winning, George Steinbrenner would instruct his general manager to go out and spend as much money as possible to bring in the best free agents or trade for the best players. In theory, it's a great strategy but it doesn't always work out. This is because the new teammates don't always gel with the players already there. You can't buy a championship and when it comes to organizations wanting to achieve a higher productivity or improve employee relations, they can't just trade one of their employees to their rivals. And even if they could, it might not achieve the best results. So, what do organizations do? They turn to teambuilding exercises and hope for the best.

We're going to explain a few teambuilding exercises that you might find useful and help you achieve team unity at your company or organization. One form of teambuilding exercise is the communication exercise. There's no trickery to this one as it is exactly what it sounds like. The purpose of this type of exercise is to improve the communication between employees and is done through problem solving activities. One such example is the blindfold trust game, where one team member is blindfolded and given instructions by his teammate to walk through a maze of obstacles. The purpose of this exercise is to completely trust your teammate to effectively communicate to you how to get through the maze without bumping into anything. If you can trust your fellow teammate in such an activity, then surely you can trust them to properly communicate with you when it comes to working together.

The decision making and problem solving exercises place their attention on helping groups to solve difficult problems and make complex decisions. Unlike workshops where instructors lead the way, this type of exercise relies on coworkers to band together in order to come up with creative solutions to difficult decisions. This type of exercise is quite useful in getting a team to work together instead of independently. And being able to share ideas with each other might come up more naturally in a group environment rather than if they were working alone.

The adaptability and planning exercises focus on aspects of being able to adapt to change when necessary. Just like with a triathlon race you need to prepare for the different weather conditions that might arise and adapt your strategy, the workplace can also be hit with different situations that you need to be prepared for. You might be given an assignment at work that can seem like it's easy enough but anything can happen that can change the expected outcome, which then forces you to change your game plan. You need to be able to adapt quickly to change and be able to come up with different solutions if needed. That's why it's always good to have back-up plans. The teambuilding exercises that are done to teach planning show its importance. You need to have mapped out all the possible scenarios with any given situation or assignment and if you're prepared for anything, it makes for a more relaxed work environment. If you're a farmer and ready to harvest the fields, you need to make sure you're ready for such an occasion and prepared for any such occurrence.

Another teambuilding exercise is the trust exercise. Trust is one of the most important aspects of building a successful company and maintaining key relationships. If there is no trust between workers, there is higher possibility of failure amongst your company. Trust teambuilding exercises are useful because they create trust between team members. The most commonly used trust teambuilding exercise is the one where you turn your back on your team member and fall backwards in the hopes that they will catch you before you hit the ground. It might seem silly but it works. If you can trust your partner to catch you before you hit the ground and they do, then you can trust them with having your back at work during stressful situations. These are only a few types of teambuilding exercises that you can use at your next company retreat.

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