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Teambuilding and togetherness aren't exactly the founding principles of cutthroat industries like sales and real estate, but 'all we are saying is give peace a chance!' You never know - you might find that your competitor can work together with you, for everyone's benefit, if you all just commit to trying to get along. Some people may find this difficult after having been at odds in a dog-eat-dog industry for so long. If you and your co-workers fall into this category, give this article a read-through for some helpful tips on how people in the real estate industry can work together as a team, even if they don't work for the same company.

Bury the Hatchet

Before you can even think about changing your interpersonal dynamic with the other people in your field, you need to let go of any grudges you may be holding against them. That means stop stewing over getting sniped out of one of the condo deals, throw out that voodoo doll you bought after your co-worker knocked you out of the employee of the month spot, and don't you dare slash the tires of the promoter downstairs who stole your parking spot. Not only should you let your old grudges go, but you should actively try not to form new ones. To do this, think of the future, not the past.

Focus on the Good

You don't have to like or even respect someone to form a mutually beneficial business arrangement. All you have to have is something the other needs. If you have a loyal client insisting on a Riverdale home and you know there's another firm that has the perfect listing, agreeing to split the commission is preferable to losing the sale or browbeating the client into settling for less than what they want. Focusing on what you can do for one another will help you co-operate during the process, even if you wouldn't want to share the time of day otherwise.

Communication is Not for Sissies

Good communication isn't just what marriage counselors are always harping about. It's also something that keeps you one step ahead of the game. Open lines of communication with others in your field mean you're on top of a changing situation, so don't brush off the idea of lunch with that construction contractor. Listening to him talk about house plans might make you realize you have the listing for a set of vacant lots that would be perfect for his new suburban residential development.

Friends with Benefits

Don't get excited. The benefits of this arrangement are a mutually beneficial working relationship. Friends are more likely to co-operate (and co-operate successfully) than indifferent acquaintances or old enemies, so make an effort to be chummy with the other people who build, list, and promote homes or other residential buildings in your area, they may know where you can get some funding, to grow your business. To achieve this, plan events unrelated to work like a harbor cruise or a teambuilding camp. Even attending a sporting event or dinner together will give you the opportunity to get to know one another in a social environment.

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