What Is A Mentor

You can't make it very far in life without a little bit of help, guidance and encouragement along the way. Whether it's from your friends, parents, siblings, co-workers or bosses, you need somebody to help you figure out who you are that will allow you to grow as a person the older you get. It never stops either. You can be a doctor and still need someone to tell you what you're doing right or wrong.

That's just how life works. We look up to people who let us know what we are doing that is wonderful and what is we are doing that can use a little bit of work. Nobody's perfect and we need to realize that it takes a lot of effort to live a good life. There are a lot of successful people out there who will readily admit they couldn't have gotten where they are today with out the help of someone guiding them and supporting them along the way. That person is a mentor. If you don't have or know what a mentor is then let us tell you.

What is a mentor is a question people ask when they're in need of a mentor. A mentor is a person who can impart advice, information and ideas onto you that will help make your life better. If you're a dental assistant for example, then a mentor to you could be the dentist that you work under. They got to where they are in life by having gone through a whole lot of life experiences and they can help you reach your goal of one day becoming a dentist yourself. They can tell you how long you need to wait for until you get your big break and to never give up on your dream, no matter how long it takes. Or if they see something with your techniques that they don't like they can help you correct them. It's things like that that mentors do for people.

Real estate agents, actors, teachers, doctors, musicians, executives, etc., all have mentors. People that taught them lessons not only about work but about life as well. Such as the importance of family, love, dedication to your craft, and so on. They are there when you feel good about yourself and to keep that enthusiasm up but they are also there when you're feeling down to help cheer you up and remind you about all the good things in your life you have going for you.

The help and support a mentor provides, either through life lessons or wisdom and advice can go a long way in helping people achieve success.

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